ASGCO New Improved Skalper Iv Blade & E-Z Torque

ASGCO “Complete Conveyor Solutions” is pleased to announce their new and improved Skalper IV® blade and E-Z Torque® Tensioning System.

Our newly enhanced Skalper® series of conveyor belt pre-cleaners have been installed and have solved carry-back problems all over the world. The simple and highly effective Skalper® belt cleaner with E-Z Torque® Tensioner removes carry-back effectively and efficiently.

Our new and improved heavy duty blade design, with its unique horizontal sipes/wear grooves across the entire width of the blade cleaning edge, and arc-shaped back side of the blade, ensure a sharp cleaning edge throughout the life of the blade.

The self-adjusting E-Z Torque® Tensioner (Lifetime Warranty), the most robust and accurate belt cleaner tensioner in the industry, has re-designed brackets to provide a square bolt pattern with UHMW bushings on both sides for a smooth, non-banding, trouble free operation.

The ASGCO Skalper IV is easily maintained from one side of the conveyor. A stainless steel pin blade change-out system is a one minute, no tool operation that makes changing blades quick and easy.

Our standard zinc plated schedule 160 mounting tube combined with the EZ-Torque tensioner (all stainless steel mounting system and tensioner) provides our customers with a belt cleaner that can handle the most extreme corrosive and weather conditions. New rubber corrugated dust covers ensure no build-up in the spring tensioning area.

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