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Automatic Welding's Hydraulic Toggle

Automatic Welding,  Hydraulic ToggleAutomatic Welding's HYDRAULIC TOGGLE JAW CYLINDERS are designed to reduce the countless hours required to manually adjust the jaw setting for various aggregate sizes, or a plugged jaw opening to a few minutes. The hydraulic toggle jaw cylinders are designed to fit into the area normally occupied by the toggle plate. The assembly can be installed or removed with little or no alterations to the existing crushing plant. Crusher operators can adjust the jaw opening as frequently as jaw wear warrants with very little effort. This consistent setting ensures properly sized material is produced and sent to a secondary crushing process. In the event of a non crushable material falling into the jaw, our system is designed to relieve the high pressure fluid back to the reservoir, retracting the hydraulic toggle jaw cylinders. The system is run hydraulically and is capable of providing infinite jaw settings. The Jaw Cylinders are constructed of a high quality, high strength alloy steel and manufactured to withstand the rigors of time. 

Automatic Welding,  Hydraulic Toggle

  • All or most of the shims are removed to maximize the hydraulic toggle jaw cylinder length.
  • The moveable toggle block or seat is adjusted back.
  • The toggle plate is removed and the hydraulic toggle jaw cylinder is installed.
  • Our replaceable toggle ends match the profile of the jaw crusher's existing toggle seats or bearings.
  • For the majority of applications no retrofitting is required.  For some makes, usually smaller jaw crushers, minor clearance modifications are required.
Hydraulic Toggle Cylinders Are Designed For Single Toggle Or Double Toggle Jaw Crushers

Automatic Welding,  Hydraulic Toggle

Single Toggle

Automatic Welding,  Hydraulic Toggle

Automatic Welding,  Hydraulic Toggle

Double Toggle

Automatic Welding,  Hydraulic Toggle

Automatic Welding Inc. designed and built the patented "Hydraulic Toggle" adjust and relief system for jaw crushers. There are over 700 units to date in operation throughout North America.

The nitrogen hydraulic tension cylinder systems are designed to maintain the pre-set loading on the tension rods regardless of the jaw setting. Sufficient tension force is maintained to securely hold the hydraulic toggle jaw cylinders in position, providing the option of adjusting the jaw crusher setting while the crusher is operating.

The Benefits Of A Hydraulic Toggle™

  • Unlimited jaw adjustment during operation
  • Automatic uncrushable relief
  • No permanent alterations required
  • Plus the cylinders are 100% guaranteed

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USA Patent No: 4,927,089
Canadian Patent No: 2,064,541