Doosan Equipment is Ready to Deliver for you

In North America and across the globe, operators rely on powerful and durable Doosan heavy equipment. In fact, they are among the top five construction equipment manufacturers in the world. When you take a closer look, you’ll see why their machines deliver:

  • Powerful performance
  • Unmatched uptime
  • Easy maintenance
  • Responsive support
  • Industry-leading 48-hour parts guarantee*

Crawler Excavators

You’ll want to experience the Doosan tradition of excellent crawler excavator performance. Gain increased flotation in soft soil with the standard long carriage. Get excellent durability with the class-leading chassis design. Receive outstanding hydraulic pump performance for faster cycle times. Boost performance and efficiency with the synchronized engine and hydraulic system. Extend service intervals and complete maintenance quickly. Add attachments for greater versatility and return on investment. Enjoy exceptional operator comfort and visibility. With more than a dozen models, it’s easy to find the best Doosan crawler excavator for your jobs.

Articulated Dump Trucks

For even greater performance, combine your Doosan crawler excavator with a Doosan MOXY Articulated Dump Truck (ADT). Work harder in soft and difficult terrain by ensuring maximum ground contact with the tandem bogey system. Perform better in rugged terrain with permanent six-wheel drive. Maintain a low center of gravity while carrying a large payload with the sloped body. If you do serious work in off-road conditions, Doosan MOXY ADTs are ready.

Wheel Loaders

If your days are filled with load-and-carry applications, Doosan wheel loaders increase production and improve profits. Benefit from fast cycle times as you carry and load material. Choose between Power Mode and Economy Mode based on the demands of your work. Stay productive with 360-degree visibility and a comfortable cab that adjusts to your preferences. Boost your production with the highly-synchronized drive train and hydraulic system. Complete regular maintenance faster with simple daily checks and easy access. To meet your unique needs, you’ll find a Doosan wheel loader in many popular size classes.

Get to Know Doosan

In 1937, they manufactured the first Doosan excavator. More than 70 years later, they have become a world leader in heavy equipment with dealers in 90 countries – including North America, where their machines have been sold for decades. They are proud of their longevity, but they are more focused on what they can deliver to you:

  • Reliable, durable products
  • Exceptional product support
  • The industry’s best parts guarantee
  • Timely support and service

*Parts guarantee applies to all products except Articulated Dump Trucks.

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