First Sandvik QE440 in North America makes its appearance in the Smoky Mountains

High up in the Smoky mountains, in Topton, NC, set in a scenic beautiful location, lies the Nantahala Talc and Limestone quarry, home of the first Sandvik QE440 scalping screen in North America.

The QE440 provides 40 percent more screening area than the market leading QE340

The word “Nantahala” comes from the Cherokee language and it means “land of the noon day sun,” which accurately describes the remoteness of the location of the steep river gorge where the quarry is located. Mr. William (Bill) McNeely has owned this site since 2006, continuing with operations which date back well before the Civil War.

Mr. McNeely was in need of a heavy duty and quality scalper that could initially screen the heavy volume of material blasted off the face of the quarry every two weeks. After having extensively researched the offers in the market, the impressive quality, production and mobility of the Sandvik QE440 were enough to make up Mr McNeely’s mind in just two hours after seeing the machine working.

Despite the Sandvik QE440’s sturdy 76,360-pounds and 53-feet 6-inch length, the scalper was easily transported the 3,000-feet up the side of the mountains into the quarry. The hydraulic folding tail and side conveyors and the fully tracked chassis facilitated a quick and easy set up. The screener was fed 0-24-inch of blasted limestone by a 330 Hitachi excavator, with a 980 Cat loader occasionally moving the piles. By the end of two hours, both the excavator and the loader were working full time, feeding the scalper, which was running empty on every load and which, at 450 stph, was still not working at its full capacity of up to 992 stph.

The magnificent performance of the Sandvik QE440 has been made possible by the 18 months of Sandvik’s acclaimed R&D programme. Based on in-depth customer and market analysis, it is aimed at large producers in the recycling, quarrying and mining sectors and to this end boasts a 40 percent more screening surface than its little brother, the Sandvik QE340. The conveyors have been designed wider and to be positioned higher, in order to cope with the increased production capacity and facilitate larger stockpiles.

Among its many features are:

  • Scalping surface of 18-foot X 6-foot / 16-foot 5-inches X 6-foot;
    Stockpiling conveyors of:
  • Oversize: 5-foot 3-inches wide and up to 13-foot 7-inches discharge height;
  • Mid size: 3-foot wide and 13-foot 11-inches discharge height;
  • Fines collector: 3-foot 3-inches wide and 13-foot 8-inches discharge height;
  • Wide range of screen media options to suit different applications Additional options available to suit different climates, conditions and needs. Fully tracked for onsite mobility Global aftermarket support;
  • Machine’s design is compliant with all the latest CE standards efficient fuel economy and low operating costs.

With the QE440 screener, Sandvik has proved once more it is a step ahead of the game. Its heavy duty and quality design meets the performance, environmental and safety needs of its demanding customers. In Bill McNeely’s own words “the QE440 is a magnificent machine, well designed and will become a market leader in the North American market. This machine lives up to everything we have asked for and have long anticipated what it would be.” It has all features that will make the Sandvik QE440 stand out and will position it as a leader, not only in North America, but in the world.

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