Minet Lacing Technology

Minet Lacing Technology’s (MLT) Complete Line of Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Minet Lacing Technology (MLT) provides a full line of conveyor belt fasteners with a wide-range of high-quality lacings to satisfy any conveyor belt joining needs.  MLT offers light-duty fasteners such as the Clip ‘N Lock, Self-Lock, Mini-Record and PVC/PU lacings.  We also offer a comprehensive line of heavy-duty fasteners and splices designed for today’s conveyor belts, including the Fix’N Go®, Titan, RV6, MS® Lacing, and Super Screw® (shown below). In addition we offer a unique technology in which we sell the conveyor belt with the splice screwed right into the belt, it is called Integrated Screw Connection (ISC).



Having achieved great success with countless conveyor belt installations and repairs, the Super-Screw stands out as a leader in the industry. It is a flexible rubber lacing to screw directly on to the belt, as an alternative to vulcanizing it. The specially designed MLT screws are self-drilling and self-tapping, which preserve the integrity of the belt. The benefit is they spread the carcass threads  without cutting or damaging the belt. Simple and practical, the Super-Screw is available in several different rubber choices, such as Grade-one Abrasion Resistant shown above, Stainless Steel, HOT, Moderately Oil Resistant, Food Grade, and Bareback/Sliding Bed.


Fix’N Go®

Fix’N Go is a recently introduced solution to repair belt rips, tears and belt edge damage. It is strong and easy to install quickly with a battery-powered or electric screwdriver or drill.



The  G2000 family of fasteners are designed with pre-attached staples. They are ideal for high strength conveyor belts. The G2002 shown above is perfect for mine applications.


MS Lacing

MS Lacing is the only mechanical fastener which can be installed with  screws using a screwdriver (either battery, electric or pneumatic tool).  Installation is easy and straightforward. Best of all, special installation equipment is not required.



Self-Lock® fasteners are also developed and patented by MLT.  The top face clamps itself into the belt by having the claws passing underneath the bridges and closing themselves. Truly amazing, its efficiency and simplicity make Self-Lock a major innovation in the light-duty conveyor belt industry.


Titan Fastener

The Titan Fastener shown above has pre-assembled staples for high tension conveyor belts. It is the perfect solution  for trough  belts. It also has the added benefit of being highly durable and long lasting.

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