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Richwood’s Chute Liners

Busy applications with abrasive materials can make it difficult to maintain the integrity of chutes. Common remedies for compromised chutes may be welding in different hardnesses of wear plates, welding in ceramic brick, using patch materials and more.   These problems can cause a series of expensive issues and safety concerns.


Richwood recommends specially formulated lining products like Rock Plate® (ceramic and rubber linings) and Rock Flex® (rubber liners). They were created to address several issues including: a product that is easy to handle and install, high impact and abrasion resistance, simple and quick installation, material with long wear life. The recommendation for this application (granite) uses a magnetic backed mounting system with no need to weld or bolt. The design also consists of smaller, manageable pieces that are numbered for quick install- this is also helpful when it comes to replacing specific sections. The entire liner does not need replaced, just the worn area. When safety, flexibility and long life are required, count on Richwood lining solutions.

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