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Sand and Aggregate Processing Equipment by McLanahan

McLanahan Corporation offers a wide range of aggregate processing equipment for washing, classifying, crushing and screening construction aggregates such as limestone, granite, sand, gravel and other similar minerals.

McLanahan aggregate processing equipment is reliable, effective and low maintenance. Complete parts and service assistance is available.

McLanahan, aggregate processing equipment

Frac & Glass Sand

McLanahan, aggregate processing equipment


Frac & Glass Sand:
When extremely sharp classification is needed to separate granular material by size, the McLanahan Hydrosizer™ is comparable to screening but at the fraction of the footprint and cost. For specific gravity separation, the Hydrosizer™, or the FB (aka LitesOut™) Classifier, offers the best, most efficient and cost effective solution.

Proven over a period of more than 30 years, in applications as diverse as Construction and Specialty Sand, Aggregates, Iron Ore, Phosphate, Coal, Mineral Sand and many other ore concentrates, the Hydrosizer™ is the simple, robust and reliable way to maintain tight control over product size fractions.

Features Include:

  • Extremely sharp, high efficiency size classification between 100 and 600 micron
  • Effective separation of minerals of different specific gravity
  • Low operating cost
  • Rapid payback on Investment
McLanahan, aggregate processing equipment

These simple plants can produce as many as three separate products without a Classifier

McLanahan, aggregate processing equipment

McLanahan offers two distinct types of classification plants.

Ultra Sand Plants:
McLanahan was the pioneer of sand production using Cyclones/Separators and Dewatering Screens to produce Construction Sand products. Using all proprietary equipment and in-house engineering, these simple plants can produce as many as three separate products without a Classifier. The combination of Cyclones and Dewatering Screens results in a drier product and less usable sand lost to waste. Available in fixed, modular and mobile configuration, these plants can be used for Washing, Organics Removal and Fines Recovery.

Classification Plants:
McLanahan offers two distinct types of classification plants: a conventional Classifying Tank based plant which can combine Cyclones and Dewatering Screens to produce multiple Constructions Sand products; and Hydrosizer™ based plants where accurate splits are required for tight specifications and specialty products. The Hydrosizer plants can be configured into our famous Recipe Plants to produce 15 or more Construction or Specialty Sand products on demand. McLanahan Sand Plants deliver higher yields from your valuable deposits.

McLanahan, aggregate processing equipment

McLanahan currently makes the highest capacity units available in the aggregates market today

McLanahan, aggregate processing equipment

Pumps ruggedly designed for the most arduous duties.

Water Management
McLanahan is a leader in providing fines recovery and water management solutions to the Aggregate and Mining industries. McLanahan has designed a High Rate Thickener with simplicity of concept but with specific benefits for today’s operators. Our Thickeners provide a low operating cost answer to recovering immediately re-usable process water; additionally, they reduce the need for settling ponds minimizing environmental and water consumption concerns.

McLanahan developed the new Mark II Dewatering Screen from the first Dewatering Screens ever used in the mining industry (introduced to the market and still supported by McLanahan personnel). These design changes have resulted in more powerful, higher capacity machines. McLanahan currently makes the highest capacity units available in the aggregates market today; other companies may have a larger screen surface area but they do not compete on a ton/sqft basis. With nearly 30 years of experience in this equipment, McLanahan is still the leader in this technology.

At the heart of McLanahan’s Sand Plants are its Centrifugal Slurry Pumps. The Pumps are designed with field replaceable liners and unique gland configurations, and are ruggedly designed for the most arduous duties. From design to installation and beyond, McLanahan engineers are available to give advice on your slurry pumping needs.

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