Skid-Lift, Inc.

Skid-Lift Scissor Lift Attachment for Skid Steers

The Skid-Lift Scissor Lift Attachment is the only scissor lift made specifically to mate with a skid steer. It utilizes the power and hydraulic functionality of the skid steer to position and operate the Skid-Lift. It is a great investment for aggregate companies as an affordable all terrain lift that can be used at remote locations to aid in maintenance of equipment while ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel.


The Skid-Lift goes to a height of 20’ to the bottom of the platform so working height (chest level) is 25’. The lift features two attach points on the side and end of the unit. This allows for great flexibility and makes getting into awkward locations possible.

The Skid-Lift also includes a side tilt feature for leveling the platform or allowing the operator to get closer to the work area without reaching out over railings. Users feel secure in this unit compared to traditional lifts as they are always tied directly to the skid steer.

This unit has no electrical or self contained hydraulics which eliminates maintenance issues associated with self powered lifts. Maintenance costs are reduced through the elimination of battery packs or engines, hydraulic pumps. steerable axles, wheels, tires, electrical sensors, etc.

This unit also improves ground clearance and gives you the ability to go where ever your skid steer goes. It also has the ability to straddle ledges or curbs, something wheeled units just can’t do. This gives great flexibility when working on projects.

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