The EvoWash Range from CDE

25 years of innovation and excellence have made CDE the world’s #1 wet processing equipment company, with over 1,000 projects already completed globally. Its staple modular fine sand wet processing plant, the EvoWash has become an international favorite as it allows for enhanced productivity and efficiency as well as a quick return on investment.

CDE Global

If you’re looking for a sand washing plant that will

1. Maximize the value of your sand
2. Produce a consistently graded product to your exact specification
3. Minimize loss of quality fines

All while operating a cleaner, safer and more productive site – then make your choice from the new EvoWash range.
Maximum dewatering of your sand means it will be ready for market straight off the belt – allowing you to turn your material into cash as quickly as possible.

Your customized hydrocyclone configuration ensures maximum removal of the - 63 micron (230 mesh) material from your sand without loss of any quality fines - maximizing product yield and quality and minimizing waste.

The EvoWash eliminates the costs of expensive pond dredging to recover quality sand lost when using old sand washing technologies such as bucket wheels and screw classifiers.


Rapid Deployment
A skid mounted unit designed for ease of transport and install on site to ensure it is up and running as soon as possible and producing washed sands of the highest quality with maximum dewatering

Minimal Footprint
We invented the compact concept with the EvoWash when we introduced it over 20 years ago. The new model simply moves this on to the next level.

Transfer Point Technology
Design innovation that delivers maximum product yield from your feed material by ensuring the efficient transfer of material from one processing stage to another


Maintenance Access
Designed to ensure that the time required for essential plant maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.

Electric Power
Not only do we use clean, electric power but we have developed a stronger, lighter screen by introducing our new patented dewatering screen design.

Built for you
Choose from a range of performance upgrades which will allow you to customize the EvoWash and make it perfect for your needs.

Performance Upgrades

  • Integrated 10m stockpile conveyor
  • Spray bars
  • Flat bottom cyclone
  • Galvanized sump and cyclone frame
  • Boiler box, 15mm rubber lining, manifold with 3 independent valves
  • Davit Arm – 500kg SWL
  • Roller shutter door on control panel
  • CDE Performance Guarantee
  • Non-standard paint finish
  • Pump electric heating blanket
  • Remove control panel
  • Remove pre-wire, isolator and emergency stop
  • Remove walkways (1-side) and access stairs

Standard Features

  • CDE Blue paint finish
  • Galvanized bolted screen design (Patent Pending)
  • Control Panel
  • VibroSync screen motor assembly
  • Rolling feedbox with polyurethane gator seals
  • Modular non-bolted polyurethane screen media
  • Stainless steel sump float
  • Polyurethane lined feed box
  • Splash cover on screen
  • Rubber-lined steel pump protection mats
  • Galvanized walkways (1-side) and access stairs
  • GRP Guards
  • CDE Abrasion resistant hose
  • Pre-wire isolator and emergency stop
  • On-board toolbox
  • Quick access hatch on sump & overflow box
  • Pump maintenance turntable
  • GRP guard around pump pulleys

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