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Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ IDEA Belt Scale System

Everyone in the mining industry is watching expenses closely these days. So it’s more important than ever to weigh materials accurately to protect your profits.

That’s why the Thermo Scientific Ramsey IDEA Belt Scale System is becoming the belt scale system of choice for an increasing number of applications. It’s the ideal low-cost solution for aggregate, cement and other markets requiring accuracy of +/-1%.

Whether you need to monitor production output and inventory or regulate product load-out, you’ll get the information required to effectively and efficiently manage and operate your business.

Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey IDEA Belt Scale is easy to install wherever you need it.

Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey 10-101-R2 Dual Module IDEA Scale with MT9101 Scale Integrator and 60-12C Speed Sensor is an accurate, affordable option to protect your profits.

The IDEA Belt Scale is available in a single or dual module version:

  • 10-101-R1 IDEA Scale Single Module: Consists of 10-101-R1 scale weighbridge with 1 load cell module, Micro-Tech 9101 Belt Scale Integrator, 60-12C Speed Sensor and optional cross beam to support load cell module.
  • 10-101-R2 IDEA Scale Dual Module: Consists of 10-101-R2 scale weighbridge with 2 load cell modules, Micro-Tech 9101 Belt Scale Integrator and 60-12C Speed Sensor.

Compact and Built to Last
The IDEA belt scale is easy to install wherever you need it. The engineers who created this workhorse anticipated all the potential problems. So the IDEA Belt Scale System features:

  • Factory-installed and calibrated overload protection
  • Pivotless design – no linkages to introduce errors
  • No moving or wearing parts – which could cause potential maintenance problems
  • Streamlined housing to avoid material build-up and resultant measurement errors
  • Interchangeable scale modules to fit any belt width – for your changing needs

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